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Eel soup

'Eel soup' is the result of a collaboration between photographer Fedcerico Clavarino and sculptor Tami Izko.

This is a platform to showcase photo projects. As such, I don't like to publish pictures of pages from photobooks. But for this project, I'll make an exception. To understand this project you need to understand the concept of this book. And this book certainly is a concept, not so much a series of pictures that tell a story.

So what do you need to know? This book contains images of sculptures by Tami Izko and images taken by Federico Clavarino of Tami as well as other images. This creates a true collaborative project, but it doesn't end there. The sculptures and the pictures are showcased in exhibition rooms and the pictures taken from those are part of the book as well. It sounds complicated, but when browsing through the book, it all makes sense. It's a book about collaboration and an exploration of intimacy.

When I asked Federico for an interview, he refused. After reading "Eel soup," I understand why. It would only diminish the power of the book. In the book Federico and Tami interview each other. It functions as a self-explanatory piece of copy that gives the book just enough to make you understand the concept of this book.

It's a dreamy book in pastel colors that hops from image to sculture to installation view with the interviews as punctionation points. I really hope this publication does justice to this unique project.

© Pictures by Frederico Clavarino