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Interview Street photography

Pim Krajenbrink

Photography with an observing eye by Amsterdam based street photographer Pim Krajenbrink

Tell us a little about your background – what path led you to becoming a photographer, and to doing what you’re doing today?

Hi my name is Pim Krajenbrink Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam.

I started taking photos at a very young age, my dad always carried a camera so when I wanted to take a picture I grabbed his camera. But at the age of 16/17 I bought my fist DSLR to make photo’s at our local music festivals, and from there on it boosted really fast.

After a couple of years also started taking portraitures/model photography, at the age of 21 I became ill that made me stop taking photo’s.

The last 6/7 years I started to take more travel, Long term documentary and some street photography photo’s.

Can you tell me a bit more about the project?

3 years ago I started the project ‘’Single Chairs’’ As the name say’s it’s a small zine with photo’s of a single chairs at strange spots.

At the moment I’m busy with a project called Canta(small 45km cars) now busy with designing the book/zine. 

The project started when I saw a post in a local newspaper that these old cars are slowly disappearing. Normally you saw them everywhere, but these day’s the cost of parts are getting so expensive their disappearing from street view. That’s the reason why I’m buy making a book about it, from simple red cars and the most extravagant car’s

Who is your photography hero and why?

I’ve got a few heroes.

One of them is James Nachtwey, he’s such a inspirational man.
The way he talks to the persons he’s photographing very slow and silent, and on the other side stands in the front line of many war zones. If you got the change the read and see the book inferno you’ll get the point.

Alec Soth is another hero,
His way of taking phot’s is something completely different, mostly longterm project. And most of the time he will start a new project but in time he will change several time’s his view or thinking about the projects. His view on the photo’s is inspiring. Really love his new book  A Pound of Pictures. 

Which camera and lenses do you use?

Until last month I have photographed with the Fuji x-pro2 a 23mm(35mm full frame) and a 35mm(50mm full frame). Finally made the choice to purchase a Leica SL with the sigma 45mm. Lovely setup, but still learning the camera.

In your opinion, what circumstances can guarantee a good photograph?

It depends what kind of photograph your trying to take. For me the best circumstances are being at the right time right moment, someimes it's a case of staying at the same spot for a couple of minutes.

What defines a good picture for you?

A good photo gives my a feeling I’m at the moment or want to be at the moment. And set me on thinking what’s happening on the photo, or what the photographer is trying to tell with it.

What would be your dream creative project?

That’s a difficult question, I’ve got a few in mind. Really would like to travel longer through Indonesia, making portraits of local tribes and the pollution of the nature on the islands.

What are you looking forward to?

Hopefully my Canta project get picked up by the township and get published in art gallery and how knows someday a book.

But most of all keep on taking photos everyday and get my inspiration looking in phonebooks, and of course going out taking pictures with Janko Bosch a good friend of mine.

© Pictures by Pim Krajenbrink