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Photo essay Urban

Built environment

I found the work of photographer Marta Dabrowska on Instagram. On her website I found this beautiful project of city scapes and I when I saw it I was sure I loved to showcase it here. She makes concrete both look beautiful and claustrophobic using a lot of grey tones and the strong compositions.

Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer)

I have been taking pictures since I remember, but a few years ago, while living in Chile I briefly studied photography at the Catholic University in Santiago. It was a very significant experience for me and a changing point in my so far understanding of the medium. 

What kind of pictures do you take and why?

Quiet pictures, I think. I like my photographs to be simple, contemplative, and a bit austere maybe. Usually black and white, as color often seems too decorative for me. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the project ‘build environment’?

It is about a mystery of form and obvious geometry of a man-harnessed landscape. Light and shadow, texture and geometrical composition play a big role in this photographic series, transforming matter of fact buildings into semi abstract scenes.

What would be your dream creative project?

All my photographic and non-photographic dreams are related to South America so a dream creative project would have its origins in the continent and its culture.

Which camera and lenses do you have?

I use Nikon D750  with 24-70mm and 50mm lenses mostly, but also on occasions my old Nikon D3200 with a kit lens - because it is tiny and I can carry it with me everywhere.

Which other photographers, designers, artists or creative people are you loving at the moment?

There are many, so I will just mention photographers I admire: Fay Godwin, Per Bak Jensen, Graciela Iturbide, Toshio Shibata, Helene Binet, Erieta Attali, Michael Schmidt, Richard Misrach - just to mention a few.

© Pictures by Marta Dabrowska