Zoink by Zaptronic

Catalogue 2022


About the project

For the world 2020 was a turning point but when we talk about photography 2019 was the real turning point for Janko Bosch. Having worked on street photography for 8 years it was time to look for new photographic directions. Full of plans he opened his new photo studio in January 2020. Naturally, the pandemic had a big impact on his new photographic journey.

For this project, Janko Bosch explored the power of erotic and fetish clothing to create a fresh type of fetish art photography. This catalogue showcases that search. Sometimes the result of a shoot was more of a portrait, sometimes it was more of a glamour shot, and sometimes it became a conceptual image. All strong images in their own right. All shaped by what these models brought to the shoot. He proposed the concept (or alter ego if you like) and they took it from there.

This project consists of stand-alone art photographs in both color and black & white. This publication is also printed in a larger size than our regular zines.

Note! This book contains nudity.

About the Book

Size 25 x 17,6 cm
Pages 44
Pictures 32
Binding softcover
Language english
Year 2021
1st edition 100

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